Different Species of Molly Fish

types of molly fish

This is a great diagram of the different species of molly fish (found on fish-etc.com). It should be known that taking care of each species is going to be the same though. A lot of people think they need different care but that isn’t the case. Most of the different species of mollies are man made. Genetics have been changed to create these beautiful fish for our aquariums. What is your favorite species?

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Posted by Jenny Y:
Been packing to move plus working and got to set down for a bit and noticed this little fella. One of my fish had babies and this one is the smartest. I have mollies in my aquarium and two fancy tailed guppies. I’m wondering if I should try to catch it or not and put it in a nursery? I have a 12 gallon fluval edge aquarium.Posted by Harley H:
Am thinking I’d like a lil colour in here. Am thinking a couple sailfin molliesor a couple dwarf gouramis? Any other possibilities? Tank is 6 ft. Tankmates in comments@Reply: Gouramis are meanie faces. Go for rainbow fish. I have Dwarf Neon Rainbows, and they are beautiful. Do a school. You could probably do some guppies, too. The other fish should keep the population down by eating babies, so you wouldn’t have to worry about a guppy swarm.

@Reply: I was thinking guppies, but S.F Mollies are a little larger & would probably hold their own against the angels a bit better? I’m not too fussed about newborns, cos as the pictus cats grow, they would keep the babies in check, as well as the angels too.

@Reply: Guppies are quick. I have a few in with my angels right now that are leftover feeders from when I had my bichir. My Angels don’t bother them.  The guppies would do good to even out the distribution of fish in your tank. Thy are surface-dwellers, so they would hang out near the top, the angels in the middle, and your large stock of bottom feeders at the bottom. Rainbows are a good mid-swimmer, and do really well with angels.

@Reply: I don’t have an issue with gouramis being mean at all. I have 2 blue,4 gold and 3 pearls. They get along just fine.

@Reply: my 2 flame dwarf gouramis are definitely more peaceful than my blue and golds. altho the blue and golds only seem to want to chase each other around.

Posted by Kenny G:
Just finished my first aquascaping attempt, it’s a 55 gallon currently stock with just corydoras and a pair of kribs. Will post pictures on settled in the morning just need help deciding stocking. Community style, I was thinking:
A shoal of neons around 22
3 young platinum Angels
The corys in already
Pair of albino plecos
Sailfin mollies or endlers.
Thanks all!

Posted by Megan N:
My wife has set up a 10 gallon tank. nothing fancy (gravel, fake plants, 2 small clay pots) with a hob filter setup. Every fish we have put in it has either died within 3 months or earlier. I took the tank completely down and washed everything best as possible. I have done this full take down and clean now 2 times. let it all air dry for 3 weeks. put it all back together, let it cycle used Prime, and put 6 mollies in it Sunday afternoon. within 2 hours one had died and the rest were at the bottom of the tank. after about 4 more hours the fish were still (not dead), so I removed them with fresh water and some water from my 30 gallon (been up for 8years now) in a big bowl (prob 2 gallons) with a heater. all fish are now happy and very active. Could there be something in/on those plants, pots, gravel, tank that is killing my fish? I have not done a water sample to see what the parameters are, but even using some water out of my 30 gallon they still get very sick or die. Any help would be appreciated.

@Reply: Take water samples…. You need to see what is spiking….

@Reply: Did you buy it used? If it has been resealed before they could have used the wrong stuff?

@Reply: If you add too many fish at one time the ammonia will spike. I suggest letting it cycle and adding 1 or 2 small fish, for at least a month, then a couple more, and so one.

@Reply: I have had several tanks since I was like 12. This is the only tank I have had I can’t keep fish in. I have had no issues iwth my 30 or my 2.5 gallon with my betta. These are the only fish I have tried to put in this time. I am trying ot figure out where to put these fish. My 30 has 5 fish total. 4 3+” tetras and a 4″ catfish. I have tried add other fish with them and they just attack them. So I am not putting them in there.

@Reply: Add cycled media from other tank to new tanks filter. The floss or bio media is covered with the beneficial bacteria you need to cycle the new tank. Do you have a test kit?