Safe Gloves for Aquarium Use?

Topic: I’m looking for some aquarium safe gloves that I can use in my fish aquariums? Are there certain ones I shouldn’t use? I want a long set that goes up to my shoulders so I can reach deep inside of my tanks. Is there a certain type I should buy? I need some help here. Thanks!


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Nathan J: I did a lot of reading on this and came to the conclusion that buying gloves designed “specifically” for aquariums was just easier. People online were saying this might work.. and that might be safe.. is it really worth risking..? They sell gloves designed for aquarium use on amazon. I bought this pair right here and couldn’t be happier. Here is the link to amazon:

  • A lot of people don’t know how serious putting your hands into marine tanks is! I have heard some bad things happening to people from handling frags, coral etc. People may make fun of you for wearing gloves and not just putting our bare hands in there like a man! but I don’t care! I would rather be safe than sorry.
  • @Reply: I totally agree and that’s why I want the gloves for my marine tanks. I’m too afraid of the freshwater tanks.. but I might just start wearing them for all the tanks!


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  • Definitely a prolapse, usually either caused by internal parasites or a bacterial issue. If you haven’t added anything new to the tank lately and haven’t noticed any illness/white poo, I’d go with bacterial. Since he’s prone to infection at the moment anyway, treatment with an antibiotic will give him his best shot at healing.
  • Furan 2 or Kanaplex are my most recommended due to the variety of bacteria they treat and the fact that they’re absorbed by the fish, but sometimes they’re hard to find in store. Tetracycline is a decent option that’s a little more common – or otherwise I’d just try and get the most broad spectrum antibiotic available to you. Amazon always has quick shipping options if you want to go that route.
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  • One of my fish did this when it was constipated 😬 gave her a few days and when she still wouldn’t eat I used a garlic supplement and she ate her food right up and soon after she was back to her normal self. I would put back in hospital tank and let recover from all the medication. It can really ware down their system.
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    The are getting a dark black stripe across their Gill plate also a single more pronounced black dot on their sides along with a bright red dot. They are also getting a black and red stripe down their tail fin.

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