Best Food for Mollies?

Topic: I have a 20g aquarium with a bunch of molly fish. What is the best food to feed them? I was told that not all brands are good quality? Should I only feed them a certain food? I need some help here. Thanks.


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Posted by Nick H: We highly recommend the brand Omega One. Other fish foods on the market are sometimes full of “fillers” which aren’t good for fish. Spend a couple more dollars on a quality food for your fish. Omega ones is quality food! Here is an Amazon link:

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These fish are actually quite easy to please. The Molly fish is known as a Livebearer and they are omnivores. Even though you will see these fish eating algae constantly in the fish aquarium, they actually love other foods too. Basic tropical flakes are going to be the core to your Mollies diet but adding an alternative “treat” is a great idea to make your fish more healthy and happy.

You can also add some other high protein things to their diet (sort of like treats). Brine Shrimp, Krill, Bloodworms, & Microworms are great alternative foods to add a lot of protein to their diet. Do some research on a high quality flake food for your fish. Flakes are going to be the core support so buying a good brand is a good idea.

Some advice on feeding your aquarium fish that will sincerely help is to feed them small amounts. The key here is to make sure that your fish can eat and handle what is given to them before the rest falls to the bottom and goes uneaten.

This is a big deal because that food that sinks to the bottom hurts your water parameters. Decaying food raises nitrate levels and is known as the “fish killer”. Feeding them small amounts in separate occasions is best.

Hopefully that give you a good idea on giving your Mollies some awesome food. Don’t forget, it’s easy to forget the fact that Mollies like other foods than just tropical flakes. I know that they seem to get so excited over flake food for every feeding… but everyone enjoys a little variety here and there.

  • @Reply: I have had a lot of luck using bloodworms. I actually buy them from Walmart as funny as it sounds. So for those of you that are not near a local fish store you can always go to your Walmart and get some food outside of the tropical flakes that you usually feed your fish.
  • @Reply: That’s great news because I was just going to ask if Walmart had any different types of food that I could feed my mollies other than just the tropical food. Thank you very much for answering that in adding that little bit of info that really helps.
  • @Reply: I feed my Mollies brine shrimp. They absolutely love it. Actually came here looking for a good resource or article on how to feed new baby or fried juvenile fish. I do understand that they are brand-new to this world and they are babies in they need a lot of protein so what is a good source or good food to feed them?
  • @Reply: What a lot of people do is put your regular tropical flakes food inside a small Baggie and just mash the flakes into smaller pieces for the new baby fry. I also know of breeders using mosquito larvae at different growth levels because they get more large obviously. That’s a great question though and I’m actually going to dig and try to find some information to create a new thread. Thank you for the good question.
  • @Reply: I just bought six new fish and I put them inside of a 10 gallon aquarium and I’m wondering if they’re going to be fine. It seems the more reading I do the more I find out that I bought two smalls and aquarium so what are my options to do. I have read multiple times that these fish really enjoy having 30 gallons of aquarium space to run around. Somebody help me on making a decision on what I should do.
  • @Reply: It seems very obvious to me and what you should do and that is go buy a different size aquarium. Totally awesome that you are new to the fishing history and we are always looking for new people to join but you can screwed up very quickly by having too small of an aquarium. You want to save a lot of money just get on craigslist and buy used warning you can save lots of money if that’s the issue.